Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back to Horses and Back to my Polish Heritage, oil on canvas

My favorite Polish Birds, the Storks, I miss seeing them in over the Polish fields if wheat.


                                                               "Hard Working Day"
This painting inspired me because of the relationship between human and a horse and how they need each other to live a simple li

                                                             " Returning"

It is so wonderful to capture horses in motion, and to interpret their intention and soul!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The first three painting were painted Plein Air at a Horse farm. It was such a wonderful experience to paint and feel the breeze, and the sun moving, life passing by as I create!

                                             This painting is very special to me, my favorite!

                                                  "Barn"  "SOLD"

                              This one is also very special to me and it is a keeper for myself.

                                                                "Prairie House"

It is a wonderful flower season, lots of inspiration from all around. New flowers everywhere, especially Hydrangeas.

My Soul, My Essence, My blood

 I painted these sunflowers at a fresh market in Plain Air, I was looking at them as they were looking at me from the flower booth. They were picked from a garden that early morning.

                                                  It is Hydrangea season again  "SOLD"

                                                    Hydrangeas and Things  "SOLD"

                                                              Hydrangeas and Fruits

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My new series of bigger oil paintings 24/30. I am discovering such freedom in brush by painting one focal point in lots of space around it. It brings me such peace and joy to feel the motion on a canvas.

                                            Don't look back, always move on forward!

                                                                 "Ann's World"  SOLD

                                                      Another inspiration from the ocean
                                                                        "Me and I"

                                                              "When Time Stays Still" "SOLD"

I painted this for a community auction at a gallery, It makes me very happy to 
                             contribute, and know that somebody owns my work!

                                                                          " Just Purple"   SOLD


This is a painting that  was painted fast and with lots of emotion, sometimes leaving mind behind works to an advantage.                                   

This painting below means a lot to me. This is a post Russian style apartment building in which I lived in   and like most Polish population. This one stands abandoned in Warsaw today. I made the colors represent hope and unity. 
                                                          "A Patch Work Of Life"                                                                                                                                    

                                                                "Blue Swan"